How To Secure The Release Of Detained Immigrant in US

When one of your immigrant friend or relative is arrested by US Homeland Security you require an immigration bond. The immigration and customs enforcement is a department of US homeland security that deals with matters related to immigration. People typically wonder what they are going to do when applying for immigration bond. The entire process of applying for immigration bond is simple and straightforward. It is critical first to consider whether the alien who is detained is eligible for immigration bond. The US immigration and custom authority determines the fitness of the detainee. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement offers two types of immigration bonds: delivery bonds and voluntary departure bond. Voluntary bonds give the detainee the option of leaving the country while the departure bond ensures that detainee appears in court to hear the litigation. If the detainee leaves the country, he/she is refunded the voluntary bond; however, the bond is forfeited when he/she doesn’t move. Another function of ICE is to set the amount of bond to be paid. In circumstances where the US immigration and customs enforcement declines to establish a bond, the detainee can file litigation in court. The case is heard and addressed by an immigration judge. When the judge rules in support of the detainee, the amount of bond is set and granted. The payment of the bond cannot be made using cash or personal check. The department only accepts drawers check.

When you applying for immigration bond, and fortunately it is granted, your next step is to make payment. Only people with legal status are allowed to pay the bond. A US citizen can only make payment of the immigration bond. The bonds are paid to local immigration office after scheduling an appointment. The office you are supposed to make payment is determined when you are applying for immigration bond . The person paying the bond is bound to call the local immigration office in order to plan on how to pay the bond. When an immigrant get a higher money than expected, he/she can file a lawsuit to get smaller amount. The judge discusses with the immigrate on the issue. However the judge cannot quote a higher than the minimum amount that is set.

Immediately immigration bond is paid, US immigration custom and enforcement officers instantly reaches the detection facility to inform them that the detained immigrant has been cleared. The whole process of payment is short and straightforward, and after payment, a person can then move to the detection facility to pick the alien. Immediately the detainee is set free, make sure that you seek legal aid about the immigration bond. To get more information about immigration bond, you can visit the homepage of the ICE.