Steps to Follow in Ensuring GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect personal data of EU citizens for transactions that happen within EU member states. In this article, we will take you through all you need to know about the regulations.

One of the vital steps to being GDPR compliant is by accessing all your data sources. This step is vital regardless of the type of technology you are using, be it, traditional data warehouses, structures, and unstructured data, you need to investigate and audit the personal data that is being stored and used across your data field. Companies that want to be GDPR compliant need to start by evaluating their personal data since by doing so, they will build an inventory of personal data that will help them evaluate privacy risks and enforce privacy rules. The mistake most organizations make when accessing data is that they tend to rely on the perception of where they think their personal data might be. The organizations that will be granted GDPR compliance are those that will prove that they know where their personal data is.

Accessing personal data is not enough, in addition, you need to inspect them to figure out the data in them. Most organizations tend to leave personal data in semi-structured fields. Therefore, to access the data, they need to go through the fields to extract, organize and catalog the personal data element some of which include email addresses and names.

Once you have a grasp of personal data, you need to share what it means across your organization. Here, organizations need to document privacy rules and share them across all lines of business.

For your company to be GDPR certified it needs to take measures that will protect data and address breaches. If you want to protect personal data, you will need to delete data that is no longer in use. The steps discussed in this post are vital for organizations that want to be GDPR compliant.

If you read more here, you will know the benefits of GDPR compliance. Organizations that do business with the EU need to be GDPR compliant since it will help them improve customer confidence. When your company is GDPR compliant, it needs to have a data protection officer. Furthermore, companies that want to be GDPR compliant need to ensure that they carry out audits of data processing activities. Also, your organization needs to comply with the set of data protection principles, such as data subject access request automation. Truyo is one of the companies known for providing the best privacy right and SAR management services that organizations in need of GDPR compliance can benefit from.

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